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On the eve of Cider’s tenth anniversary, Robert Acouri, the founder of the eponymous group, has appointed Mathieu Girard as Cider’s new artistic director. This announcement is part of a desire to accelerate the publishing house’s international development and to reposition the brand and its identity.

Mathieu Girard will take over as artistic director of Cider on 1 April 2022. His mission: to realign the positioning of the Cider brand and its identity. A fan of simplicity and flexibility, Mathieu Girard has already signed products with the publishing house: the A Dada modular seating system, the Montmartre platform, the Baigneurs figurines, the Tribu sofa and the Hangar industrial table.


“A pillar of the Cider Group’s DNA, the desire to break the traditional and aseptic codes of office furniture is totally in line with my artistic vision of this sector. I am delighted to put my expertise at the service of the French publishing house, and to work to further assert its image in France and internationally, so that it can live up to its design offer combining comfort, elegance, a touch of madness and a strong human dimension”, shares Mathieu Girard, Artistic Director of the Cider Group.